Women for Election

WFEA 2nd Annual Conference – 17th August 2018

Registration is now open for Women in the House: Step up, Speak up, Stand.

Women for Election Australia is a non-partisan social venture, founded in 2013 with the goal to increase the representation of women in government.

More about Women for Election Australia

We are driven by our belief that enriching the diversity of voices in our politics will lead to more robust decisions, and help create a fairer, more inclusive and dynamic society, better equipped to tackle future challenges. Our:

  • Aim is to strengthen our democracy by changing the way politics is done in Australia
  • Vision is to ensure gender balance in our politic al representatives – to increase the number, influence and diversity of women in politics in Australia.
  • Mission is to provide the very best training and support in Australia for women to run for office or to move up the ladder to higher elective office.
  • Unique curriculum is designed by, and for, women and addresses the particular cultural challenges faced by women in politics in Australia.
  • Focus is non-partisan, based on our common needs and experiences as political women, not our differences as political partisans.

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