Thank you to all those who attended our 3rd Annual Conference, INSPIRE on 23 August and our new Workshop, EQUIP on 24 August 2019.

Stay tuned for news of future events in 2019.

Women for Election Australia provides practical support and advice for women seeking to enter politics.

Research clearly shows that to bring about real change a combination of hard measures (quotas) and additional supports, including mentoring and training programmes and women’s political networks, is required.

Women for Election Australia aims to provide programmes designed specifically to empower women and to help them overcome challenges they may face when considering a career in politics.

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With over 19 years’ experience in the financial services and asset management sector; Licia Heath has worked in several capacities including analytical, retail and institutional roles at firms such as Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse in both London and Australia. As an active member of CLOSE (Community for Local Options in Secondary Education), Licia has developed a keen interest in improving the quality and availability of public high schools in Sydney’s inner city and eastern suburbs.

Licia Heath, CEO, Women for Election Australia

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