If we want more women in government, we have to vote for them.

As the 2019 Federal election campaign gets under way, Women for Election Australia (WFEA) today launches a new video designed for social media channels to amplify a simple message: if you want more women elected to political positions, you need to vote for them.

In first-time collaboration with advertising agency BRAINS, and working with an all-female crew, the advertisement is the first TVC that WFEA have had produced since the organisation launched.

To view the advertisement: http://wfea.org.au/vote-for-women/

WFEA CEO Licia Heath says with a Federal election just weeks away, now was the perfect time to spread the message that having more women elected and succeed in Australian politics must include how we choose to vote.

“Women for Election Australia is about encouraging more women of all ages and stages of life to consider running for office. In 2019 there are still more barriers faced by women than men when it comes to getting elected, being part of the political leadership or even being Prime Minister. One of those barriers is getting voters to notice a woman’s name on a ballot sheet.”

“We know this TVC will spark debate and promote our simple message – if you want more women in Parliament you have to vote for them,” said Licia.

To practice what they preach, the TVC was written, produced, directed and edited by women. The 44-second TVC is set in a classroom where a resigned female teacher gently explains to a young female student the odds against her achieving her dream career to become Prime Minister. It then drives home the impact that the lack of female representation in Australia could be having regarding genuine reform on issues such as climate change, affordable childcare, equal pay and actions aimed at stopping domestic violence.

BRAINS Director Dof Dickson explains that her desire to work pro-bono with WFEA was in response to her own dismay at how little female representation Australian women have in Parliament.

“BRAINS wanted to create a hard-hitting ad aimed at encouraging more people to vote for women. We want to change the depressing statistics around Australia’s female representation in public office, which stacks up poorly against so many other countries,” said Dof.

Rather than spouting statistics, the agency chose to harness an emotional engagement, and make voters think about their choices and the impact they would have on several policies that impact both women and men.

Voters can go to wfea.org.au to see which women are running in their electorate and WFEA are
asking that, all other things being equal, they consider backing a female candidate. Independent
research shows* that women in positions of authority tend to work more collaboratively across parties,
be more responsive to their constituents and advocate for policy issues that benefit an electorate
more broadly.

Licia added “WFEA has a proud history of supporting women to run for office – including me as an
Independent candidate in the 2018 Wentworth by-election. The more WFEA can get out in the
community and work to inspire and equip Australian women to enter politics, the more representative
our government will be and we’ll all enjoy the benefits that brings. Voters can ensure that success.”
For more information on WFEA, including their crowdfunding campaign and to see where female
candidates are running in the upcoming election visit www.wfea.org.au today.

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