Vote for Women

It’s simple, if we want more women in government, we have to vote for women.

In 2019 there are still more barriers faced by women than men when it comes to getting elected and being part of Australia’s political leadership or even becoming Prime Minister.

Sadly, one of the main barriers is getting voters to notice a woman’s name on the ballot paper.

Women for Election Australia [WFEA] exists to inspire and train women, of all ages and stages of life, to run for elected office.

Having more women in government creates a better world for us all. Independent research shows [1] that women in positions of authority tend to work more collaboratively across party political lines. Women are typically better listeners and advocate for policy issues that benefit not only their constituents but also the whole community.

Our experience is that people want to see gender equality in Australian politics.

You can help make this happen.

Our crowdfunding campaign gives everyone the opportunity to help achieve a truly representative government.

With more funding, WFEA can inspire and equip more Australian women to enter politics and make our government more representative of the whole population.

By contributing to Women for Election Australia [WFEA] you will help us support more women to step up and successfully run for elected office in the future.