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Major Supporters

Maddocks is a proudly independent Australian law firm that works closely with corporations, businesses and governments throughout Australia and internationally.

They advise national and international clients across the built environment, education, government, healthcare, and technology sectors, from their Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney offices.


Vasudhara supports social entrepreneurs to build creative and innovative projects that deliver positive social impact. They provide funding and strategic support to help their projects grow from start-up to sustainability. Vasudhara has a broad range of interest areas and is open to both non-profit and profit-for-purpose organisations because they believe that both kinds of entity can deliver social impact.

Vasudhara is a small team based in Sydney but they work with projects across Australia.



Callida Consulting is a Canberra based, public sector consulting firm dedicated to helping their clients solve governmental challenges by providing informed, insightful and practical consulting services.

Callida’s dedicated focus on the public sector means that they understand the business of government. They understand how to achieve results within the complex environment and have a proven track record in delivering real value for clients.


Code4 is a Sydney based digital consultancy. Started by Dan Miles in 2010 after he identified a niche where generic websites and digital solutions were no longer enough to truly succeed.

In the years since Code4 has grown into a distributed agency working with like-minded yet diverse experts to collectively deliver clients with systems and know-how to produce increased returns for their organisations.


Fujitsu General is a leading supplier of air conditioning products in Australia. Focusing all of their research and manufacturing strengths into one core area has resulted in the world-class, market-leading air conditioning products that you see today.

They have developed a range of cost-effective air conditioning for every space or taste. Their units cover both residential and commercial applications and include a designer range for stylish modern interiors.