The Masterclass is a one-day programme designed to provide an introduction to political life focusing on communications, confidence and campaigns.

Delivered by national experts, the programme is designed to demystify entrance into politics, and give each participant the tools and direction that they need to take their next step on their political journey.

Female elected representatives speak of the challenges throughout their own political career and importantly, how they have overcome them.


Our 3 day residential programme EQUIP is intense and demanding and will be delivered by both national and international experts. This programme will tackle in detail:

  • Fundraising, Budgeting, Governance and Finance
  • Campaign Management Strategy
  • Communications, Messaging and Public Speaking
  • Media
  • Women and Power
  • Resilience and life balance as a politician

This programme is highly practical and aims to ensure that women are equipped with the key tools and techniques to be the best candidate they can be. They are challenged and enlightened by elected representatives who speak frankly of their own political experiences.


Our INFORM programme aims to highlight the potential and benefits of further political participation. This program is aimed at women in universities and tertiary institutions. In addition, we work with community groups to tailor this programme to their individual needs.


The SUSTAIN program acknowledges the loneliness and isolation often felt by women at the top. It is designed to support women already in politics