Our Story

Women for Election was founded in 2014 to help increase the number of women successfully running for elected office in Australia.

Making real change happen

Women for Election Australia was inspired by Women for Election Ireland and She Should Run in the USA to provide practical support for women seeking to enter politics.

At WFEA we aim to

  • INSPIRE women to consider a career in Australian politics.
  • EQUIP women with the tools and techniques to successfully get elected.
  • SUSTAIN women to achieve their highest potential in elective office.

Women for Election Australia provides programs designed specifically to empower all women and help them to overcome the many challenges they may face when considering a career in politics.

“As a woman and a feminist, it’s always great to be part of WFEA events – to bring elected women, and women running for election together in the NSW Parliament.”

Jenny Leong, Member for Newtown, Greens Party, NSW State Parliament, Legislative Assembly.

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