Our Story

Women for Election Australia was inspired by Women for Election Ireland, an organisation established in response to demand from women across Ireland for an organisation wholly focused on providing practical support for women seeking to enter politics.

Evidence shows that to bring about real change a combination of hard measures (quotas) and additional supports, including mentoring and training programmes and women’s political networks, is required.

Women for Election Australia aims to provide programmes designed specifically to empower women and to help them overcome challenges they may face when considering a career in politics.

Our programmes provide high quality political training focused on supporting women to win. Delivered by a variety of experts our programs cover all aspects of political campaigns, including building committed campaign teams, effective planning and administration, fundraising and budgeting, message development, presentation skills and managing the media.

We are driven by our belief that enriching the diversity of voices in our politics will lead to more robust decisions, and help create a fairer, more inclusive and dynamic society, better equipped to tackle future challenges.

  • Our Vision is to strengthen our democracy through encouraging a greater participation of women in public office.
  • Our Mission is to provide the very best training in Australia to women who run for office or move up the ladder to higher elective office.
  • Our Values – we are non-partisan and work collaboratively, respectfully and inclusively to contribute to effective and responsive government.

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